Olive & Olive Oil

Olive one of important item for OasisTarding Turkey Ltd. have long experience and knowledge to produce premium quality olive and olive oil.

Our factory  has been fullfilling it’s activities since 2013 ,in the countryside in Manisa/Turkey ,in the countryside in Manisa/Turkey , the source and centre of production of the very best olive and olive oil, there is a beautiful hamlet known as Büyükbelen which have special climate conditions between Çal Mountain and Marmara Lake..

In this reagon olive farming culture is very old and traditional .The olive oil production culture goes back to the years of the B.C 2000.th . These were the former days of artisan tasks that were manual and used the most rudimentary utensils, requiring great human skill and strength.

We believe best quality finished product must be obtained from  best quality rawmaterial and the best quality rawmaterial can be obtained with update farming  system.We use most of our needs from our own olive farms which have 200 tonnes olive and 100 tonnes olive oil capacity.

All grown in Turkey, primarily Gemlik, Memecik, Domat, Yamalak, Uslu, Ayvalik (Edremit), Kaba and Kalamata varieties of green and black olives are produced in the form of whole, pitted, sliced​​, stuffed, scratched and cracked.

Our olives and olive oils are packed in a different sizes of  bottels , cans, glass jars, vacuum packs (tray and bag) ,PET and drums.


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